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Introducing an elegantly appointed new destination in second lide for people in the BDSM lifestyle.

The House of the Forbidden Gift Welcomes male and female Dominants and submissives.

Please take notes that there is NO superior Dominant Male or Female here, we are all on one level.
Join U/us for interesting disucssions, friendly conversation, to browse the library for information or enjoy O/our well equipped play rooms. 
There are also beautiful gardens to explore or just to sit peacefully in the outdoors. 

Come and visit U/us soon, W/we look forward to meeting and welcoming you soon. 

A group aiming to provide a variety of D/s discussions at different times and at different locations. The focus is to strengthen the community of people in SL who like BDSM or D/s discussion **Group chat may not be used for advertisement unless it is D/s discussion ads of members with facilitator tag.** The facilitators are cooperating, mutually supporting each other and do an effort to avoid crossovers of events. .

Dock Side

SL's newest adult themed play area.  Dock Side Play Land features a waterfront setting filled with toys of all types. Including a BDSM slave school outdoor club. New prison!! 
Sex RLV Rape Bondage Slave Mistress Dom BDSM Forced Sex  Urban  Sex Beach

"Heads-up! The next PDRelate live meeting is on 8th Feb @ 9pm GMT / 1pm PST / 4pm EST. The topic for discussion is "Is this love?" Pre-amble is here: - as always, the meeting audio will be recorded for the podcast. Look forward to seeing you there :) Joining details will be sent out the day before the meeting."

Go to the discussion to reply or catch up on the conversation:

RISK is the acronym for Respectful, Intelligent, Sensual, kink.

R.I.S.K was built to be different. I wanted to have a different feel about the venue. There are some great places for education around the grid, but not a lot to just hang out at with no drama or BS. Our aim is to build a small community and hope to reach out to other small communities and support each other.
We have a great family based staff members who have helped build us up from the bottom. I value my staff members very much.
R.I.S.K is a mature minded BDSM establishment open to all who may be curious or involved in exploring D/s, M/s, Femdom, Dominant or Submissive singles seeking like minded individuals.  Our focus is to provide a safe engaging lifestyle environment in acceptance of all styles or dynamics.
Are you curious or involved in exploring D/s, M/s, Femdom, Kink and singles who seek company with like minded individuals?. If yes, then this is the venue for you!
This venue has a strict "NO BS, NO DRAMA" policy. We welcome visitors who practice and demonstrate common sense, courtesy and respect.

We offer informative intelligent discussions related to the BDSM lifestyle. Also offering DJ Events with inside and outside club area's, erotic readings, several relaxed hangout  area's, plenty of games and a naughty box filled with all your favourite BDSM toys to explore with whom ever you wish.

The Old School is a Maledom sim, a beautiful playground for practicing D/s with class, maturity and respect.  It has evolved over the years from a close community, with applicants and membership, to a more open place aimed to offer a beautiful playground to people practicing D/s with class, maturity and respect.

We don't offer courses, trainings or planned discussions. Bigger sims provide that very well. We prefer to offer a beautiful setting, with different atmospheres to allow people to discover, stay a few minutes or spend more time. By choice, we don't have games, but we encourage scenes and conversations.

In a few words, we provide the stage and often, our smile and warmth... But the play is for you to build with your partner, a new acquaintance, or within a circle of people. Bring your kinks, your topics, your own smile... And discover the beauty of the Old School.

Now, we of course have a few rules, the first one being: respect. We love the freedom we offer to people, but to ensure an exceptional experience, there are also some rules:

1.    OS is a Maledom. Only human avatars are allowed.
2.    Doms and subs are asked to respect  other's likes and limits.
3.    Subs, except if a Dom decides otherwise, kneel on the floor or cushions.

And of course, OS is a D/s sim, not a place where you'll get easy sex. We don't believe that submission is to be trained to have sex with anyone claiming he's a Dom. So...anyone   breaking the above rules is simply expelled.

We also have what we call OS traditions, and we love them. You'll discover them when you land in OS. They're not compulsory, but we appreciate when you appreciate them.
And most of all: Do come and enjoy the Old School!



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