D/shion by A.Sands

D/shion by A.Sands

Since I read this issue subject I was sure it was going to be about lingerie. Looking for BDSM pictures you will see a lot of leather, latex, chains, metals and a huge   assortment of items like floggers, riding crops, clamps, ropes,... mixed with another big collection of naked skins and close ups showing how to use all the previously mentioned items on a submissive body. But if we are taking all this out and          focusing in clothes lingerie wins the battle. Considering sex as an important part of our D/s relationships, sooner or later you have to remove your clothes and show your undies. Sometimes even showing your undies, and staying that way until Master tells you next step is the only thing you have to do. Waiting in lace and  ribbons.

It is our 6th collaboration in these pages. Yes, we have to celebrate half a year !! That required something special. I like to find inspiration in art or photography pictures and looking for it I found an Spanish illustrator named Luis Royo, which was the     inspiration for the poses. His erotic artistic drawings seeded my aim in showing lingerie and sensuality this way, soft, sensual, erotic women’s games. Then I had to ask a close friend to help me with the scenes. Later we met in a bright morning, both dressed or undressed with our finest lingerie to spend a quiet, silent time together.

Phedora Desdemona Set Nude. Phedora Andromeda Boots, Finesmith Galadriel tiara and (r)M Hair No. 43 (includes horns).

Phedora Desdemona Set Black. Boots - _CD_ Esme Black    Boots—Maitreya Lara

Model 1: Lingerie: Blacklace Revealing Secrets. Jewelry :)(: Eve      Temptation Bracelet, :)(: Snake Bracelet and Necklace, [R3] Brooke Chained Top [V1]
Model 2: Lingerie - erratic / cecillia - plum - suspender, thong, shelf brassiere. Hair - Little Bones. Sita II.

You never know where inspiration is waiting for you blowing into your mind and your spirit.
This month was hard to find at the beginning. Looking for it I like to visit events where I can see several shops and news at once.
I am still amazed about how fashion has finally embrace sexuality, even BDSM. Just a few ago you were said to hide some groups in your profile if you wanted a career in SL fashion, and the one that said that was keeping an alter at the same time, wonder why? But now even SL top models show collars or pretend to wear one and BDSM sensuality reached magazines and models’ portfolios. These days are quite full of events sex related and, if last month was the harness season, no matter where you went there were lots of them, this time, inspiration was hidden hanging in a rack. I found several BDSM accessories racks, kinky toys sets, collections of kinks, an assortment of names too, even from some shop I was always considered far of this subject… but sales are sales I guess.
I did not buy this. It is at home in that special room we have, sometimes it is a dungeon, sometimes a hut, often our basements. But this is part of its decoration, always, remembering what could wait for me. Facing rack I decided black lace underwear would be my outfit this month, and Blacklace always pleases Sir,. Then, he chose Phedora’s Bondage Set, satisfying his desire to avoid me to move freely. To complete the look, what else could I wear but the leather mask from .shi. I put on my kitty pasties, fastened the locks of cuffs and stood waiting... who knows what toy will touch my skin later.


  1. Thank you really much, Flame. Always a pleasure doing some shots for your pages.... hope sooner it could be with you !!

    1. Always love your creativity honey, amazing contribution as always, thank you!


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