Mentor ship & Peer Support Groups


Those who wish to be mentored @L&R will be guided through mentor-ship facilitated by Flame Jie under the umbrella of Liberty & Restraint Lifestyle Group.

This is a free of charge set of exploratory meetings and one to one sessions, the only prerequisite is enthusiasm and commitment. Along with regular attendance at the meetings. You will be offered a mentor from the trusted staff of L&R or can request someone specific.

Goal statement;

The mentor ship will be a minimum of seven weekly session , an hour a week. This will involve reading, assignments, and discussion. This is NOT a class, rather, one to one time and support groups to focus on our goal of helping you become the strongest version of yourself. There are many aspects to the world of submission which will be discussed, self esteem, triggers, past, present and future, which will enable you to take a supported closer look at yourself with the aim towards personal growth.

If you are owned you will need the permission of your owner to engage in the programme. This is by application only (application available in world)

Peer Support Groups

These groups will be open to the public and held in a confidential setting, there is no application to join this weekly meeting.

These meetings are not gender specific and open equally to Dominants and submissives (or whichever title you aspire too).

They will be held weekly on a Wednesday @2pm slt

The ethos of this group is like minded individuals who may want support, guidance or have questions, difficulties or conflicts that they would like to discuss in a supported and confidential environment.

Meetings will be facilitated by Flame and other trusted members of the L&R group.


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